"And then the reign of Vladimir in Kiev began and idols were put on the top of the hill outside the Prince's palace: a wooden figure of Perun, silver-headed and golden-moustached, together with the figures of Khors, Dazhdebog, Stribog, Simargl and MokoshÖ".
Nestor, 980 A.D.

SVETOVID/SWANTEVIT - is the high God of the western Slavs, the patron and continuer of life, the primogenitor, who gave light and life. Four faces of Svetovid, overlooking "all four sides of the world" represent the spheres of his power. At the same time he is a heart accumulating the light coming from all four sides. He was also worshipped as a great oracle.
BELOBOG /The Wite God/ -is the patron and giver of kindness, luck, justice and happiness.
VELES/VOLOS - is one of the most ancient Gods, the protector of hunters. As far as a taboo was set on the idolized beast he was called "hairy". He also denoted the spirit of the killed animal, the spirit of the spoils of the chase. Being the God of cattle he was considered the God of wealth because both wild animals and livestock were the main wealth of the tribe.
DAZHDEBOG /Gift Lord/ - is one of the main gods of the eastern Slavs. He gave all main things to people - the sun, warmth, light, and movement - alternation of day and night, seasons and yearsÖ he defined what we now call "the whole world". He is a light creative masculine divine nature, the God giving worldly goods. The author of the Lay of Igor's Warfare calls all Russian people the grandchildren of Dazhdebog.
PERUN - is a Thunder-bearer. Being the main warrior he was especially worshipped among princes.
MAKOSH /Spinner/ -is the goddess of fate, the giver of welfare. She protects marriage, family happiness and laborious people.
KHORS - is the god of the sun. Originally he was represented as a horse - a symbol of the speed of travelling of the morning or spring light. House decorations looking like ridges with solar signs are a custom that is not forgotten even now.
KOLYADA - is the god of peace and young sun, the sun of the next year. He appears during a winter solstice when daytime begins to increase.

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TRIGLA - is the high Divinity possessing both masculine and feminine natures.
SVAROG/TRIGLAV - is Svarog, Perun and Svetovid, who are the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, representatives of the divine nature.
TRIGLAVA - is the goddess of the Earth. Triglava points at three levels of creation: heaven, earth and inferno, denotes three functions of the world creator: creation, keeping (of life) and destruction. Unlike the light and divine masculine nature she conveys the dark feminine nature of the earth and water ("mother earth").
LADA - is the goddess of love, beauty and enchantment.
DIDO/DITO i.e. a child is the always-young God of matrimony.
DIDILIA - the patroness of easy child delivery.
LEL/LELYA - is the Divinity of spring and youth, encouraging nature to fertilize and people to conclude marriages.
YARILO /Sun Heat/ -is the god of spring fertility and masculine nature, the quintessence of raging genital (sexual) nature.
KUPALO - is the god of fruit and fertility. The day of summer solstice is the time of the highest development of creative power of nature. The seed planted into fertile ground already grew out. That's why the mission of Kupalo as well as the one of Yarilo were considered finished. Their dummies were triumphantly burned during the Kupalo night ("kupa" means a bush, sheaf).
STRIBOG - is the god of winds.
SIMARGL - is one of the most ancient divinities, ascending to bereginyas (guardian goddesses), a holy winged dog protecting seeds and crops, the embodiment of armed kindness.
POLKAN - is a centaur. He protected sunny horses of Svetovid.
CHERNOBOG/KASCHEY - is the sovereign of inferno, a representative of darkness.
NIY/VIY - the main server of Chernobog, the guardian of souls, the judge of the dead.