"The Symbol of all living, the Cosmic Tree (the Tree of Life) used to grow through three grand worlds: the realm of gods, the terrestrial land of humans and the lower world of ghosts and spirits, organizing the Universe into an inseparable unity".

"The World Tree Being the vertical axis of the World it connects three classical spaces: Prav, Yav and Nav. Nav is the kingdom of the inert Darkness which lies far beneath the deepest roots of the World Tree. It is the realm of many Slavic myths, that conceals Yassa, the giant pangolin, who has been waiting for the hour to tighten its mortal loops. The Medium World pierced by the stem of the sacred Tree is called Yav (Reality). This is our world. The upper world is Prav. Gods live here and the deer of heaven feed on the World Tree leafage".
                                   Anton Pavlov
                      "The Way to High Brazil"


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The Birth of the Universe