the month OVSEN /November 21 - December 20/

"...but vicious Niy ... draws night, severe frosts, snow and snowstorms on the Earth... Having struck them all with golden arrows, Svetovid drove them back to the province of Niy..."
                                        Gregory Glinka

"In case a war broke out, a steed would be asked about the results of war in the following way: God's acolytes would stick into the ground three rows of spears, their points in the ground; the spears would be placed in twos and crosswise and would be located at an equal distant from one another; a pagan priest, having finished the ceremonial praying, drew the steed out holding the steed by its bridle; if the steed stepped over the spears with his right leg first - it was a lucky sign, but if the steed stepped over the spears with his left leg first, the whole tactics of war would be changed."


The Ninth Gate / SAGITTARIUS