the month of SERPEN /August 21 - September 20/

"Here his love with the beautiful Three-headed is portrayed, as well as the agony of Chernobog, who is in love with her.
Svetovid, sings sentimental verses to her, playing gusli; she is crowning him with a cornflower wreath, and Zimtserla, Lada, Seva and Marena are dancing round about.
Red-cheeked Didilia with her golden hair loose and dressed in light scarlet robes is offering them a diamond bowl with golden heavenly honey, which is a drink of gods.
Lelya is sitting near the gusli and listening to the music with an arch smile.
Soaring up into the air, Dido is shooting heavy arrows at Chernobog.
Belbog, who is floating on the cloud above them, is ironically smiling at them".

                                           Gregory Glinka


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Sixth's Gate / VIRGO